Monday Morning Market Report – September Quick Update

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Good Monday Morning! Welcome back to another episode of West Austin Marketplace, the Internet’s Most Empowering Real Estate Program. This is Monday Morning Market Report and today is really just a quick update on the market. We have had a few adjustments since the beginning of the month, sales are still on the slide in […]

Understanding the Survey Plat

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A buyer should always get a new survey when purchasing any type of property, but it is especially important when purchasing a home. A survey is an official document done by a licensed surveyor that delineates the property boundaries (the lot lines) and diagrams where improvements like a home, swimming pool, garage, driveway, retaining walls, […]

Home Inspection Important Part of the Buying Process

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The home inspection is one of the most important parts of the buying process. And, choosing the right home inspector is as important as choosing the right Realtor. You want the best one you can find. Real estate inspectors, like real estate agents, are licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission and have to subscribe to a set of standards, […]

Preparing for Your Loan Application

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Loan Officer, Ben Morton, discusses the loan application process with Patrick Birdsong who stresses the importance of getting a “pre-approval” letter before shopping for a home. Ben describes the items that a buyer will need for the loan application whether it is done in person or online. Typically, a buyer will need a W-2 or […]

Protesting Your Tax Appraisal

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In the next few days you should get the 2010 Notice of Appraised Value for your property. It will come from the county tax office where your property is located so keep an eye out for it. The notice gives you the assessed value for the market value of the land and the improvements or […]