Your Austin MLS Home Search

The most accurate information on current and new homes on the Austin market is from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) of the Austin Board of Realtors. This information is updated in real-time as real estate agents add and change details on their listings. Other data services like Zillow, Trulia and many more, may not have the most accurate information.

There are two ways for you to receive the most accurate, up-to-date information on current and new homes in the Austin market.


1. The GoMLS Austin App

This mobile app is the only application with a direct update feed in real-time from the Austin Board of Realtors MLS. This is the information all real estate agents use to determine what homes are for sale and the details of each home.

The GoMLS Austin app allows you to:

  1. Create your own detailed home searches, updated by the moment.
  2. Use your GPS location to obtain the details of any home you see as you travel around Austin.
  3. Obtain tax details for each listing.
  4. Identify and save your preferred listings.
  5. Calculate your monthly payment and adjust it based on the amount of the down payment at closing and current interest rates.

Additionally, you can use this app to communicate directly with us for clarification of any information or to obtain more details on any home, neighborhood or area. We will not contact you unless you request information. And we are always available to show you how to use the app and help you create your own searches.

Download the GoMLS app on the Apple app store Download the GoMLS app on Google Play


2. Your Custom Search from West Austin Properties

West Austin Properties will set up a unique market search within the Multiple Listing Service that can be used on your own computer and mobile device. We will set up notifications that suit your schedule — in real time, daily or weekly — alerting you to new listings and changes in the market.

Contact us to get started.

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