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Kimberly KolhaasKimberly R. Kohlhaas learned the valuable lessons about the art of caring for people in Real Estate transactions from her mother, Ruth Kohlhaas, who was a Broker for nearly half a century in Austin. Having been in the Real Estate conversation for nearly her whole life, Kimberly loves the unique nature of every transaction – every client and every house is a once in a lifetime combination of personality and architecture.

Kimberly appreciates the challenges of the Austin market, and enjoys working with both buyers and sellers. She appreciates the service oriented, expansive philosophy of West Austin Properties, and the importance of treating each client as if they were family. Kimberly feels fortunate to have found Laura Duggan, and is thrilled to work with such a professional and innovative team committed to the well being of the client.

With an Architecture degree from the University of Notre Dame, Kimberly combines her love of Architecture with her love for Real Estate by matching the right client with the right property. She has a love for great design and timeless architecture that she uses to the benefit of clients who appreciate that their home is an expression of their lives.

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