Interest Rates are on the Rise

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Ben Morton, Sr. Vice-President at Caliber Funding in Austin, reports a major swing in interest rates over the last 2 weeks. “Things have happened so fast; 200 bps movement in just over a week. The Fed has kept rates artificially low since early 2009 by purchasing mortgage backed securities. Bernanke has just announced that the government will […]

Calculating Buyer Closing Costs

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Laura Duggan talks with lender, Ben Morton about the typical closing costs that a buyer pays when making a home purchase. Ben outlines these expenses that fall into four main categories—the lender costs, the title costs, insurance costs and escrows of taxes and insurance. The lender is required within three days after a property is […]

Credit Scores and the Loan Process

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Laura Duggan talks with lender, Ben Morton about the importance that credit scores play in the loan process. Ben describes how credit scores are calculated and reported by the three credit bureaus, Equifax, Transunion and Experian and how your credit rating will affect your interest rate. Credit scores play an important role in the loan […]

Preparing for Your Loan Application

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Loan Officer, Ben Morton, discusses the loan application process with Patrick Birdsong who stresses the importance of getting a “pre-approval” letter before shopping for a home. Ben describes the items that a buyer will need for the loan application whether it is done in person or online. Typically, a buyer will need a W-2 or […]