Buying in a Buyer’s Market Webinar Replay

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Let’s face it, Austin is in a Buyer’s Market. Home sales are down, foreclosures and short sales represent 17% of all sales and on top of that we are in the slowest time of the year for real estate sales. Frankly, most people we talk to are disappointed and discouraged.

Our response is, let’s turn a lemon into lemonade and take advantage of a down market!

Two weeks ago we ran a very successful webinar on how to do just that. We highlighted concrete examples of how people are finding great deals in a down market. Watch the replay of our webinar, Buying in a Buyer’s Market, to find out how they’re doing it.

Don’t forget to Join us December 8th to find out all you need to know to about “Deals & Steals”, auctions, financing and making the current market work for you. Join us online for our newest webinar, Real Estate Investing: Buying for Cash Flow.

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