Year-to-Date Home Sales in Austin

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The number of home sales in the Austin area year-to-date has increased steadily every year from 2013 to 2021. This year our year-to-date sales are behind what they were last year at this time.

Austin continues to have steady demand even though sales have slowed, but there many more homes for sale over last year at this time so buyers have more inventory to choose from.

Several factors have also slowed home sales. Rising interest rates are making homes more unaffordable than in the past when rates were historically low. Home prices have increased and some large employers have begun laying off employees leaving uncertainty about future employment.

In many cases, it is a better time to buy a home than it was this time last year. There are many more homes on the market giving buyers a better selection than they have had in the last several years. More homes means less competition. Buyers are not having to compete with so many other buyers for a home and therefore, they are actually paying much less. Even last Spring, buyers were paying thousands of dollars over the list price to win a bid for a home.

As always, real estate is local and varies by neighborhood and price range. We have been publishing statistics about our market in a monthly market report under the Market Report tab on our website since 2006. If you are interested in specific market data about your home, we are always happy to provide it.

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