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May Austin Market Report 2011 from West Austin Marketplace on Vimeo.

The Austin market is a significantly different market than the rest of the country, and is constantly changing.

Most of the rest of the country, as nearly every national headlines indicates, are
experiencing home values that are still not stable, with many areas experiencing
continuing, however slower, declines in values.

The Austin market continues to differentiate itself:
In Austin, April had the lowest inventory of homes in four years!
In Austin, April sales exceeded the 2009 levels, showing increase demand.

With less supply and more buyers entering the market, prices for 97% of the Austin
market have stabilized.

Currently, Austin can be described as three different markets depending on the price of home for sale. There is also a variance between buying and selling in each of these three markets. Watch the short video and download our market report to get a better understanding of these three markets and see where you fit in!

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